The Council Strategy 2016-2020 sets out our vision to create a city of opportunity where everyone thrives. Delivering this is essential if we are to help make Southampton the city our residents deserve. A city where people have opportunities to succeed and are able to live healthy, happy lives.

While our strategy focusses on what the council can do, we acknowledge that we can’t do everything ourselves. Our City Strategy 2015-25 has been created by business, public, and community and voluntary sector organisations in the city, operating under the name Southampton Connect. With an overarching goal of prosperity for all, the City Strategy focusses on economic growth, skills and employment, and healthier and safer communities. This partnership approach is indicative of the spirit of the city – we are Team Southampton.

Our staff are instrumental in delivering both these strategies and maintaining effective relationships with our partners in the city. We are therefore searching for people who can help deliver the vision for the entire city, ensuring we leave a positive legacy for future generations.

All our strategies are available to view on our website.


Scenes of Southampton City