Social Work

Social Work can be a challenging but emotionally rewarding career. It is a vocation for people who care, who strive to improve the lives and circumstances of adults or children whilst providing an excellent service.

 Social Workers in Southampton play a leading role in delivering effective front line services that safeguard the welfare of the most vulnerable children, young people and adults in Southampton. They work in multi-disciplinary teams and in positive partnerships with colleagues from different professions and agencies.

Here at Southampton City Council, we take great pride in our Social Work team. They are incredible individuals who often go beyond their remit. They work as a team, pulling together to support one another. They often comment that working for Southampton City Council is like being part of a family where they can build strong long lasting work friendships whilst developing professional relationships.

As a unitary authority, our staff’s ideas on how to improve outcomes for service users or improve conditions for staff can be heard and implemented – often with ease – the best ideas come from those who are front line and this is recognised here in Southampton.

We are so very passionate about ‘doing the right thing’ and creating an environment to make that positive difference to the diverse population of Southampton.

Our Social Workers receive regular reflective supervision, including group supervision and have access to a high quality comprehensive training programme. We are committed to supporting our Social Workers through professional development, opportunities for advancement and involvement in national initiatives.

All staff recruited are of a high quality reflecting the ambition and standards of our service.

We have a strong mix of experienced social Workers and NQSWs.

If you would like to join our team and make a difference to the Children or Adults in Southampton then we would love to hear from you.

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