Southampton City Council has experienced a significant reduction in funding per head of population since 2011. We have managed to save £92.4 million over the last few years, but dependent on the extent of government cuts we will need to save at least another £42.3 million by March 2020.

While the driver for change was initially financial, we have a robust Medium Term Financial Strategy in place and our key focus now is on continuous improvement and taking advantage of the fantastic opportunity our transformation gives us. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to innovate and radically rethink the way a local authority needs to operate so it can deliver improved outcomes for its residents. In addition to our new ‘One Council‘ approach, we are embracing digital technology to improve services and cuts costs, becoming a modern organisation that consistently delivers excellent service and performance in everything we do. We are, in essence, becoming a local authority that is fit for the future.

While we have made progress in lots of areas, there is still much to do. Our journey is well underway, but we are looking for more exceptional talent to join our team.

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