Thank you for visiting Southampton City Council’s recruitment website which features some key jobs we currently have available. I hope the following pages provide you with a useful insight into the council and the type of people we want to join our ambitious organisation.

Southampton is undergoing an amazing transformation. Since the launch of our City Centre Master Plan in 2012, we have secured over £2 billion of new investment into the city, unemployment has been cut to just 2.5%, and over 4,000 new homes have been built or have planning consent. In just six years we have cemented our position as the economic powerhouse of the south coast, and created new training and job opportunities for over 10,000 residents.

However, Southampton is a city of two halves. Despite our economic success, there are areas of deprivation that have not yet felt the benefit of this growth. As a result, we are experiencing an increasing demand for some of our services. To meet these demands with reducing budgets, we have been transforming into a lean, outcomes-focussed organisation. Southampton is fundamentally changing, and so is Southampton City Council.

We started our reorganisation right at the top, with a radical restructuring of our senior management team. We have removed ‘Directorates’ and the silo mentality, instead adopting a ‘One Council’ approach in which we all work together to drive improvement and innovation. Every vacancy on this site will play an important role in delivering the vision and strategy of both the council and the city so we are only looking to find the very best candidates. People who can not only demonstrate evidence of success, but also show they have the vision, ideas, energy and hunger to make a real difference to the council and the city.

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t see the Local Authority budget situation as a problem, but a challenge to embrace and turn into an opportunity, then Southampton City Council could be the place for you. Please take a look at the information on this site and also on our website, and if you think you’ve got what it takes to join the team, then please apply – we look forward to hearing from you.

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Richard Crouch - Interim Chief Executive

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